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Tanat is a DIY music project by Sarah Tanat Jones.

Sarah is a singer, drummer and percussionist. Starting in Edinburgh, where she studied illustration and formed a band with two friends, Sarah began forming her unique way of playing jungle and disco drums whilst at the same time singing the lead in a lyrical, tuneful way. Then she moved to London where she took her music in a more electronic direction, prioritising interesting found sounds and pitched percussion-as-synth, looping beats and clicks into meditative, hypnotic patterns, and singing over the top with a love of harmony that stretches back to her earliest years (possibly with forgotten ancestral roots: the Tanat Valley in Wales is where her grandparents originally came from, and is a well known centre for British choral singing).

Sarah taught herself to produce her own music - a process that is always ongoing. A drummer since the age of ten, she places importance on being able to switch between the physical relief of drumming, and the nuanced thoughtfulness of singing. That illustration degree paid off and she is also a practising artist, and enjoys making visuals and DIY videos for her songs, sometimes with help from friends.

If she's not playing music, Sarah is probably drawing pictures.

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